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Interface. Our linear explosives – an explosive powder/material loaded into a tube that's formed into long lengths – are manufactured in multiple sheaths including lead, tin, copper, silver and aluminum. We possess the ability to load high explosives (such as HNS, PBXN-5, HMX, and PETN) and deflagration materials (rapid deflagration ...

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The detonating cord (Refer to Figure 2) The lowest core load detonating cord is recommended for use with the non–electric delay detonators, in the shaft sinking applications. The detonating cord has a core load of 3.5g/m of PETN, which is encased in a series of ribbons and yarns for maximum tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

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Crushing Rollers For Detonating Cord Oberlin Mining Machinery is an enterprise specializing in the production of various crushing sand making grinding mineral processing and building materials products After 40 years of development it has become the production and export base of China s mining machinery industry Introduced advanced .

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Detonation (from Latin detonare 'to thunder down/forth') is a type of combustion involving a supersonic exothermic front accelerating through a medium that eventually drives a shock front propagating directly in front of it. Detonations occur in both conventional solid and liquid explosives, as well as in reactive gases. The velocity of detonation in solid and liquid explosives is much higher ...


Arming with Detonating Cord - Explosives may be detonated with detonating cord. Charges are armed by taping the cap to the detonating cord or joining the cap and the cord with special connectors. The explosive end of the cap should point along the detonating cord, toward the main charge. A minimum of 25 grains per foot shall be used.

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Anelectric detonator is used to detonate the detonating cord. Detonating cord has various uses andisavai lable in case of leak current orlightning. lt is also used for a smal l blasting, etc. The powderamount of detonating cord is 50 grain / foot. Kaya-Cord 25 The powder amount of Kaya-Cord 25 is 25 gr. / foot. Bunch-Cord When Kaya-Cord 25 is ...

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Detonating Cord - Connection Inspection.....77 Check Tubes - Connection Inspection.....78 Lead Line - Powder Migration Prevention .....79 vii Product Application Manual: NONEL ® & PRIMACORD March 2011 ® ™ 1831 Safety Fuse is invented by William Bickford, the fore-runner of The Ensign-Bickford Company, to replace ...

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Detonating CORD CUTTER A purpose manufactured detonating cord cutter designed to be employed for the safe cutting of detonating cords. Safety is the main reason for the development of this item. The device has an internal blade that reduces the risk of operator self-injury. The cutter is also approved by the South African Chief

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(37) "Detonating cord": a flexible cord containing a center core of high explosives and used to initiate other explosives. (38) "Detonator": any device containing a detonating charge that is used for initiating detonation in an explosive; the term includes, but is not limited to, electric blasting caps of instantaneous and delay types, blasting ...

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Explosive - Explosive - Detonating cord: Detonating cord (detonating fuse) resembles safety fuse but contains a high explosive instead of black powder. The first successful one, patented in France in 1908, consisted of a lead tube, about the same diameter as safety fuse, filled with a core of TNT. It was made by filling a large tube with molten TNT that was allowed to solidify.

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For more information or other enquiries, please contact your PR Polymers Representative or our head office: Dial 1800 KOOLKAP (1800 566 552) within Australia. Email: [email protected]

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Silicon nitride offers one of the best combinations of toughness and hardness of commercially available ceramics. In addition, its low thermal expansion coefficient offers superb thermal shock resistant compared with most other ceramics. Complex geometries can be made with sintered material. The material also exhibits low density, high temperature strength, excellent wear resistance and good ...

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Detonating cords that are used for setting off explosive charges are formed as lengths of packed explosive powder or crystals surrounded by a sheath or covering, such as nylon or rubber, that contains the explosive powder. The detonating cord may be supplied on a reel and cut to usable lengths. In utilizing the detonating cord, it is important ...

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A-Cord TM: Small, medium and large hole downlines. 50 Reinforced TM : Excellent general purpose detonating cord for reliable blast initiation under virtually all conditions. 100 Grain : All detonating cords are available with "FS" (Flash Suppresant outer jacket) upon request.

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The cord consists of a powder core, the inner and outer braids. Known igniter cords patent RU 2065847 from 5.06.92, EN 2170222 from 24.02.2000. A known method of manufacturing a detonating cord according to the patent RU 2151758 from 03.09.1998, the essence of which consists in the manufacture of cord directly to the point of blasting.

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3. The German manuals also describe how to improvise "knallnetz" (a net made of detonating cord) for clearing footpaths for dismounted soldiers. Are there any accounts or photos of these being used in combat? Finally, German manuals mention improvised rollers for …

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Detonating cord is used to initiate detonator sensitive seismic explosives. Detonating cord is also used to provide a path of initiation for non-electric initiation. Detonating cord has a core of PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) encased in multiple polypropylene yarns, over-extruded with a polyethylene jacket and high strength textile yarns.

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World War II veteran John Raaen Jr. was there the day Allied troops stormed Omaha Beach at Normandy. In retelling the experience to Weapon Hunter host Paul S...

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Detonating cord is a universal high explosive used for a wide variety of applications to create explosive effects and build reliable charges. It is initiated with military or commercial detonators and detonates along its entire length at 6,400 m/s.


PRIMACORD® Detonating Cord is an exploding cord consisting of a continuous explosive core bound by textile yarns and finished with plastic and wax as waterproofing agents. PRIMACORD® manufacturing begins with the production of PETN, RDX or other high explosives. Textile yarns, polymers and waxes are used in a controlled

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The clip 100 presses a detonating cord 20 against the detonator 102 to energetically couple the detonating cord 20 to the detonator 102. It should be noted that, in this embodiment, the contact between the detonator 102 and the detonating cord 20 is only along an outer circumferential surface of the detonating cord 20.

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Detonating Cord Anfo ANFO has found wide use in coal mining, quarrying, metal mining, and civil construction in applications where its low cost and ease of use may outweigh the benefits of other explosives, such as water resistance, oxygen balance, higher detonation velocity, or performance in small-diameter columns.

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detonating cord to the trunkline cord. • NEVER allow trunklines and/or downlines to cross. • Minimum recommended initiating detonator is a No. 8 strength. • Minimum recommended cord initiator is a 3.6 g/m (18 gr/ft) detonating cord, such as PRIMACORD 4Y or 4R, or another detonating cord with an equal or greater explosive coreload ...

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Global Detonating Cord Market is estimated to be valued US$ XX.X million in 2019. The report on Detonating Cord Market provides qualitative as well as quantitative analysis in terms of market dynamics, competition scenarios, opportunity analysis, market growth, etc. for the forecast year up to …

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Technical Data Sheet - Detonating Cord DETONATING CORD Technical Data Sheet : Commercial Name :Detonating Cord UN Nr. :0065 Hazard Code :1 1.1D Shelf Life : 5

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Detotec manufactures Perfacord, a high quality detonating cord designed for precise timing, reliability under adverse conditions and ease of handling. Each of our products has specific tolerances for unique applications. The Specifications for each product are available from the Product list.

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Mine-roller width compared to track-vehicle widths. ... Members of the demolition team are assigned special tasks, such as grappler, detonating-cord man, and demolitions man. All of the members ...


Another length of the detonating fuse was removed before passing through the crushing rollers, and then tested for detonating ability. The fuse detonated only 7 inches out of a 16 inch length, thus evidencing the importance of crushing, in imparting the necessary sensitivity to the fuse.

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E-cord® detonating cord is commonly used as a surface trunkline, lead-in-line and down line. E-cord® detonating cord will detonate through standard knots and will initiate other detonating cords.Primacord® detonating cord is essentially the core load coupled with a difference in the degree of protection afforded by the encasements.